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UKG-beginnings. A post from The UK AM SSB Facebook page..

DM Trinder
21 November 2014

STOP PRESS… Uniform Kilo Group NEWS!!!

In December 2013 Owen Evers posted this on the UK AM & SSB Users’ facebook group; UKG-beginnings

” I keep getting asked about a new group, SO if you are interested in joining a new group (Uniform Kilo DX Group) then comment below. IF there is enough interest I will see what can be done…. ”

Lively debate followed and, since then, we’ve seen the Legalisation of AM and SSB here in the UK which happened in June [..and the continuation of a United Kingdom following the Scottish Referendum, too]..
My response was/is that want to belong to something fresh and newly conceived and firmly rooted here in the UK. since other DX groups just don’t reflect this… I’m absolutely NOT any kind of jingo-istic, raving, Union Flag waving “Nationalist” … but many of us waited a long time for legal AM/SSB and I didn’t want the Moment to go unmarked!

A poll of the UK AM SSB Users’ group then followed, which showed that there was, indeed, interest… and from BOTH “sides” of the imaginary CB/Ham divide, too… now that AM/SSB operation between 26.965 – 27.405 is legal in the UK !!!

During an eventful Midweek Net [ North ] on Wednesday 21st November 2014, we were joined by a mobile station who’d parked up on high ground in Yorkshire… and the very first successful QSO took place between TWO Uniform Kilo stations [ 26UK7 & 26UK1 ]
Before then, I’d felt like a little survival raft bobbing up and down in an ocean of Charlie Tangos, Sugar Bakers, Fox Bravos… etc.,

Owen had ventured out to inform us OVER THE AIR and for the very first time… about the latest developments… namely…

The website IS being developed… and A BRAND NEW “Uniform Kilo Group” website address WILL be going live…
UNIFORM KILO CALLSIGNS ARE NOW AVAILABLE on a first-come first-served basis… which means that, if a unit number hasn’t yet been allocated, YOU can simply ask for it… !!

ALONG WITH YOUR CALLSIGN… YOU WILL BE ALLOCATED your OWN “Uniform Kilo” E’MAIL ADDRESS … so any radio-related ‘mail can be forwarded to the existing e’mail address of your choice … THIS DID NOT GET USED BY MEMBERS BUT THEY ARE AVAILABLE STILL IF YOU WANT ONE
There’s plenty of other exciting stuff in the pipeline for Uniform Kilo members, too… but I’ll let Owen fill us all in on those as things unfold…

Meanwhile… if you’d like to apply for your own unique Uniform Kilo callsign..
Send an e’mail to  ******************… [ NO.. that WON’T be the website a/d!! ]
Tell us which unit number you would like to have…. and be sure to give us an e’mail address which you’d like to use for forwarding to…

Be patient whilst things slowly crank into gear… and you’ll soon receive confirmation of your callsign along with news of the website address and how your callsign will be incorporated into your Uniform Kilo e’mail address!
I look forward to copying other Uniform Kilos soon….
………………………………… More news as soon as we have it !

26UniformKilo7 [ Operator “Dave” / Cheshire


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