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Our web site started life in 2013 and has undergone quite a few modifications over the years, I have added and removed various tools to the site over this time, some good and some not so good or even needed. What I was unaware of over this time is that SOME of the additions I had made to the site and later removed had left unused or wanted data in our main web site database.
It appears that as wordpress has updated and evolved into the great tool it is today this unwanted data began to cause issues with the remaining tools we do use as they where also updated by their developers. This began to cause problems and reliability issues within certain areas of the site such as the registration form and access to some areas as incorrect data was being read from the database. I have tried for a few weeks now to clean out this unwanted data but have been unsuccessful, also as time is not on my side as I have a full time job and a family, I have decided to got for the fastest way to get back to a fully working web site – START AGAIN…
All of you that have been issued with a Uniform Kilo Group call sign STILL HOLD THAT CALL SIGN, it is yours. Our Call sign database is NOT affected by any of this. In fact our Call Sign Database is NOT connected to the internet in any way, all your details are held securely, we do not share any of your information with any one. the only thing we do put on the net is your approximate location on our UKG Map – and that is only if you have given us permission to do so.

So as I work on the site again I ask that you continue to use your call sign and new users can still request a call sign by filling out THIS FORM.. Thank you for your time and support of the Uniform Kilo Group.

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