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To all those “returners” to radio … “WELCOME” … and, in the case of former “breakers” / 11m CBers and HAM’s, a “Welcome to The Uniform Kilo Group web site:- here’s a brief update, because you’re likely to see quite a few changes since the good old Good Buddy days on the 11m band I’m afraid… but DON’T LOSE HEART … read on!
In the case of the UKFM [CB 27/81] band, gradually more and more users were lost to mobile ‘phones, SMS messages, MSN messenger, Myspace, online gaming, Faecebook, etc., as these became the ways in which people learned to feel “connected”….
With fewer users… and having largely ditched those good old pre-legalisation  American-style CB Jargon-ese habits… many saw the original “breaking” channels [ie., 14 / 19] become the preferred meeting place of the handful of stations which were in any particular “20” … OOPS, I mean area (QTH! admin! lol)
The number of passing mobile users, “big-wheelers”, etc., also declined dramatically as more and more haulage companies forbade drivers from installing “rigs” and drivers turned to the likes of satellite navigation and the trusty word of “Sally Traffic” on national BBC Radio 2… Increasingly, those “running” together tended to use a channel dedicated to this purpose…
Today, with more people coming onto [ and BACK to ] the CB ranks, it can be very difficult to achieve a local “copy” or even a sensible radio check… [ and ~ as for the colourful “language” …..! ]
The 1-4 / 1-9 “inhabitants” are unlikely to learn to move their conversations to other channels, once contact has been made, to allow for freer and more widespread use of CB, as it was originally intended..,
I REALLY MISS being able to call out in a strange town to find out where the cheapest / nearest filing station is… or receive helpful local directions or information…
I REALLY MISS the ability to make contact with potential new friends and contacts by means of a “calling” channel….
…. BUT …. There has been a considerable radio revival in recent years, especially with the LEGAL expansion of CB into the old “mid” band…
To begin with, this was using FM only. And now we have LEGAL AM & SSB on 11m, and I hope that THIS is what brought you to THIS particular web site 
This is a place where questions CAN be asked… They will be read and answered by people who share a wealth of radio experience. Members of this group come from various areas within the extremely broad church of Radio
WITHOUT resorting to the kind of CB ~ vs ~ Amateur pettiness encountered elsewhere…
Despite the lack of DX due to minimal sunspot activity right now, there’s quite an active Midweek and Weekend Net scene … and some folk are even entering the world of Ham Radio, via the 3-tier licence route which has opened the door for many…
Some folk are doggedly loyal to their CB roots… Some deny them … Others may have come to 11m from a Ham or SWL [ Short Wave Listener ] background … Many arrive here because they heard of the Uniform Kilo Group which grew out of the UK AM SSB Facebook page… and are seeking a UK callsign to use on 11m, If you are a Radio Ham and would like to TX on 11 then you are at the right place, just go to the Request a call sign page and join other Hams that have done so.
HERE it’s ALL Radio … ALL are “Welcome!”

Good DX and 73!
26UK7 / M6TTG / “Dave” / S.Cheshire.